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Animal Due Date / Breeding Date Calculator

Use this convenient gestational calculator to quickly find the due date or breeding date of your newborn calf, puppy, kids, foal, piglets, kittens, or lambs.  Simply choose the desired information (expected birth date of babies for an animal already bred or the target breeding date to have babies at a certain date), enter the date and click the "Calculate" button.  These tables are based on the average gestational period for each of the animals listed, but can very approximately a week in either direction even when the exact conception date is known for an animal.  Mother nature always seems to know best and takes care of each individual animal's special needs.

Dice Side One - Livestock Birth Date Calculator  Select Desired Information:

Expected Birth Date of Babies for Animal Already Bred    
Target Breeding Date to Have Babies by a Certain Date

Dice Side Two - Livestock Breeding Date Calculator  Select the Date When Animal Was Bred:

Month   Day   Year  

Dice Side Three - Livestock Birth Date Calculator  Expected Birth Date of Babies:

   Cats  Select Date   63 days  download pdf of feline gestation table
 Cows Select Date   283 days  download pdf of cattle gestation table
   Dogs Select Date   63 days  download pdf of canine gestation table
   Goats Select Date   150 days  download pdf of goat gestation table
   Horses Select Date   340 days   download pdf of equine gestation table
 Pigs Select Date   114 days  download pdf of pig gestation table
   Sheep Select Date   145 days   download pdf of sheep gestation table

Be sure to bookmark this page so it's always at your fingertips for reference!